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Welcome to the Blacksmith's Blog

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Dedicated to keeping the art of blacksmithing alive

It was over thirty years ago that Matt Rode first picked up a hammer and started pounding on a chunk of iron. He fell in love with the art of smithing iron and has passed that passion on to countless others throughout the years. "I get enormous satisfaction changing a useless hunk of steel into a useful piece of art" Matt explained. That is why he started Mountain Stream Forge. I met Matt at the start of his smithing career and got caught up in his passion for wrought iron. Matt is now semi-retired but still hand forges a few products. We wanted to continue our passion for the art of transforming  steel into useful works of iron, so we have dedicated our web site to quality handmade wrought iron made only in the USA. In this blog I hope to do my small part in bringing awareness to the beauty and functionality of wrought iron.

First let's dispel a few myths:

The blacksmith does more than just make tools

Wrought iron is more than just railings and gates (although these can be quite beautiful) or tools. Wrought iron is the perfect foil for home accessories, unique gifts, garden ornaments, and decorative tools. In this blog I will be focusing on these forms of handmade wrought iron.

Not all Blacksmiths make Horseshoes

A blacksmith that primarily shoes horses is called a farrier. Not all blacksmiths are farriers but all farriers are blacksmiths. While I envy the person that has mastered the craft of shoeing horses I personally would not want a job where my ass is higher than my head all day long. These dedicated craftsmen are breed on to their own and have a special talent most of us could never achieve. Hats off to them.

In future blogs I will be discussing how to decorate your home with wrought iron, how to choose the right wrought iron pieces for your home and what exactly is wrought iron. I will highlight the blacksmith as an artist and showcase some of the unique work being done.

Thank you for reading my first blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment, question, or critique. If you find my blog of interest please like it on facebook, tweet about it, and or share with your social network.

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