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The Top 5 Must Have Wrought Iron Products for your Log Home.

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Are you thinking of ways to decorate your log home but don’t know where to start? In this blog post I will explore the 5 must have items for your log home.

When considering decorating your log home, whether it is a large lodge home or a small log cabin, form and function are imperative. You want your log home to look beautiful but you also want the décor to be functional. Hand forged functional and ornamental wrought iron is just the thing.

The strong natural organic feel of wrought iron will compliment the outdoorsy sturdy look of your log home. There are so many great wrought iron decorating ideas it can get mind boggling deciding which ones to choose for your home. So let’s narrow that decision down to my top 5.

  • #5 Triangle Dinner Bell – No log home would be complete without a Triangle Dinner Bell. Traditionally the Triangle Dinner Bell was used on the ranch to call the ranch hands in for dinner, on the cattle drive to call the drovers in for Classic Triangle Dinner Bell Triangle on Porch supper, and in the pioneer home to call the kids in for the evening meal. The image of mom on the porch ringing the bell yelling “Come and get it” could have come right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. A triangle dinner bell hanging from your porch is instantly recognizable and will transport you back to simpler times.

  • #4 Welcome Sign – When you bought, or built, your log home you did so because you felt Bear Eagle Welcome Sign log homes are warm and inviting. Create that warm and welcome atmosphere from the outset with a wrought iron welcome sign. A welcome sign lets your guests know you are happy they came to visit and to expect a warm comfortable stay. Be a gracious host and hang a welcome sign on your front door.

  • #3 Wrought Iron Bed - Hand hewn wood and hand forged wrought iron go hand in hand Wrought Iron Bed when it comes to decorating your log cabin or lodge home. What better way to incorporate wrought iron into your home than with a wrought iron bed. You might be thinking that a log bed would be a more natural fit in your bedroom than wrought iron. But think about it, if your home is made of logs, you decorate your living room with log furniture, and you have a log table in your kitchen isn’t a big log bed a little over kill? A wrought iron bed will actually accentuate the other log furniture in your bedroom, and throughout your house, while still keeping the log home look.

  • #2 Pot Rack – A must have for any stylish log home kitchen is a wrought iron Wrought Iron Pot Rackpot rack. Everyone seems to gravitate to the kitchen so why not make if the showplace of your house without loosing functionality? The right pot rack will not only get your pots and pans at arms reach and easily accessible it will also be a statement piece in your kitchen. If you truly want your kitchen to be the talk of the neighborhood a wrought iron pot rack is a must have.

  • #1 Fireplace Tool Set – The number one must have wrought iron piece for your log home is the right fireplace tool set. The living room is where you entertain guests and the fireplace is the focal point of that room. Buying a cheap fireplace set from the big box stores just won’t do. A brass fireplace set? Not a good fit. Fireplace sets with those wood or brass handles that Fireplace Tool Set come unscrewed and fall off… don’t even think about it! The right fireplace tool set will make your fireplace the envy of all. For my money the only fireplace tool set to put in your beautiful log home is a hand forged sturdy functional attractive wrought iron set.

Well there you have it the top 5 must have items for your log home. Obviously there are many more I could mention like hooks, hangers, candle holders , lighting, etc. but these are my top five. I hope you have found this post to be informative and useful.

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